Will a new Website design really change your business? Will SEO? Social media?

Where are your target markets? St. John's NL? Newfoundland and Labrador? Charlottetown PEI? The Southeast United States?

Wherever you focus, before anyone will spend a penny or even show up in your store, they will want to know who you and how good your products or services are.

To make it more challenging, competition is insanely tight. People can buy from stores around the world more easily than they can even pick up a phone. "Your" customers are your competitors' customers too. So if you want their business, you're going to have to earn and then keep it through the quality of your products and customer service.

To give your target markets the confidence that you'll do exactly that, you need more than just advertising or a Website or to be on Facebook. You need to be strategic: selecting the marketing that will reach your intended audiences, with a message that will show them precisely why they would want to be your customers.

You need effective marketing.

How to get the most value from your marketing investment.

Professional Website design, search engine optimization, social media, and virtually any other significant marketing effort can consume a lot of resources. This is especially true when moving into new markets where you have no established contacts or recognized brand. Whether you're a retailer in one location or a software company seeking to establish itself in new markets in another country, how do you limit your investment, make your marketing work, and generate profit?

What if you had a trusted resource? Someone who could finely tune your company's marketing strategy, create or optimize your Website and SEO activity, and take your social media activity into a true marketing asset, rather than yet another time suck or reason to feel like you just can't keep up?

You do.

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What ARE social media, SEO, and blogging, anyway?

Search engine optimization (SEO). Search engine marketing (SEM). Social media. Facebook. Twitter. LinkedIn. Blogging.

Welcome to the Justin Biebers of business. You may not know what these terms and names really are, or why theyíre important. You may have even already decided you donít care and youíre sick of all the talk. But itís hard to get through even one day without hearing these names mentioned somewhere, and without realizing theyíre making a whole lot of money for someone.

But should you be paying attention and getting them working for you? Can they benefit your company? Can they help you make some of that money? Can they really sing and dance without messing up their hair? Yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes. Whether your company is in St. Johnís, Newfoundland and Labrador or in Santiago, Chile, SEO and social media can propel your business into world markets. Even if your focus is strictly local, you can still derive lots of benefits from some strategic planning and activity. But before talking about any kind of strategy, itís important to at least understand what the basic terms mean.

So letís break them down to one paragraph each. These definitions are by no means complete, but they should quickly give you a good general idea of whatís included.

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If your marketing is not generating profit,
why are you wasting your money on it?

Let's face it… it's easy to spend money in marketing, whether doing it yourself or working through a marketing agency or consultant. But making money in marketing? That seems to be another story for many companies.

At Lorne Pike & Associates, we develop exceptional marketing programs that turn heads and drive sales, whether helping to sell real estate in St. John's or promoting world class call centers. Unlike the typical marketing agency, we work with only a few clients at a time, because we believe in focus and giving our very best. You deserve nothing less. Ready for the best? Please email us, or call us at the number below, to start getting a positive return on your marketing investment.


NOTE: As an ongoing policy, Lorne Pike & Associates will not accept contracts to promote the sale of tobacco, alcohol, gambling, lotteries, or adult entertainment.

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